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Stanford University

The mission of the Stanford Diabetes Research Center is to support basic and clinical research to discover, apply and translate science about diabetes and it complications, to improve health and wellness. To advance this mission, the SDRC provides resources to support Research Cores, runs a Pilot and Feasibility Award Program to foster innovative diabetes research by Stanford investigators, and supports Enrichment Programs focused on diabetes research, education and care. The SDRC promotes the teaching and training goals of Stanford University by training the next generation of investigators and leaders of diabetes research and care.

The foundation of the Stanford Diabetes Research Center is its strong, diverse base of investigators in 23 departments and three schools within Stanford University (Schools of Medicine, Engineering, and of Humanities and Sciences). The SDRC research base is comprised of a broad group of outstanding faculty pursuing basic and clinical research. The senior faculty of the SDRC includes 12 current or previous investigators of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, 12 members of the National Academies of Science, Medicine or Engineering, and a Nobel Laureate. These and other distinguished senior scientists harmonize with a vibrant core of junior SDRC investigators to form a superb research base distinguished by innovative basic and clinical science. The scientific investigations by SDRC members include the signaling and physiology of metabolism and energy homeostasis, the pathogenesis and treatment of type 1, type 2 and type 3c diabetes, diabetes complications or associated diseases like pancreas cancer, and modern bioengineering or behavioral approaches to translating new knowledge to clinical care. These interdisciplinary efforts are fostered by a unique, dynamic culture of collaboration, curiosity and ambition at Stanford that promotes and accelerates innovative, groundbreaking discovery focused on diabetes.

Partner Institutions

University of California Berkeley University of California Berkeley Stanford Expanded Pilot & Feasibility Program
University of California Davis University of California Davis Stanford Expanded Pilot & Feasibility Program

Research Cores

Assay - Human & Laboratory Animal
Stanford Diabetes Immune Monitoring CoreHolden T Maecker PhD
The Diabetes Immune Monitoring Core, DIMC, is a specialized subcore of the Human Immune Monitoring Center (HIMC) at Stanford. DIMC provides standardized, state-of-the-art immune monitoring assays at the RNA, protein, and cellular level, as well as archiving, reporting, and data mining support for clinical and translational studies related to Diabetes.
Clinical & Translational Studies
Stanford Clinical and Translational CoreManisha Desai PhD
The Clinical and Translational Core at Stanford is comprised of three core services: iBiobank, Advanced Analytics, and Clinical Registry, all serving to provide training opportunities to junior SDRC investigators, and to connect established SDRC investigators for higher impact collaborations.
Islet Biology & Metabolism
Stanford Islet Research CoreSeung K Kim MD PhD
The Stanford Islet Research Core is supported by the Stanford Diabetes Research Center. General services include: Islet Isolation, Islet transplantation, Islet Culture, Islet Perifusion & Islet Hormone Assays.
Molecular Biology, Genetics & Genomics
Stanford Diabetes Genomics and Analysis CoreHassan Chaib PhD
The Diabetes Genomics Analysis Core at Stanford offers library preparation and sequencing services on a variety of platforms - Illumina HiSeq 4000, MiSeq, HiSeq 2500 and PacBio Sequel - as well as bioinformatics analysis.