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Penn Functional Genomics Core


The Functional Genomics Core provides state-of-the-art experiment planning, sample preparation, quality assessment, library construction, DNA sequencing, and data analysis services to DRC members. We are currently operating five state-of-the-art Illumina Sequencers. We have experience with ChIP-seq, nucleosome mapping, miRNA, and genome resequencing in mouse, human, zebrafish, and other species. We offer RNAseq, microRNAseq, GroSeq, CLIP-seq, nucleosome mapping, ATAC-Seq, ChIPseq, Exome sequencing, whole genome and targeted methylome analysis, hydroxymethyl DIP, and single cell RNAseq. A second goal of the FGC is to quickly adapt and occasionally develop new protocols for sequencing-based functional genomics analysis relevant to DRC members.


Next Generation Sequencing Core Services

For Next Generation Sequencing Core Services, please contact the Technical Director of the Core, Dr. Jonathan Schug

We offer comprehensive high-throughput sequencing services from experiment design to library preparation, and sequencing. For your genomics or next-gen sequencing project, we offer a free consultation to help you optimize experimental design and choose the most appropriate platform(s).

Core People

Core Director
Klaus H Kaestner PhD Penn Functional Genomics Core Email