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Columbia University

Columbia University

Columbia University Diabetes Research Center
1150 Nicholas Avenue Suite 238
Russ Berrie Medical Sciences Pavilion
New York, NY 10032
United States

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Center Director: Domenico Accili MD


The Columbia University Diabetes Research Center provides research support for investigators pursuing research on diabetes and metabolic disorders. We provide a central support structure to foster collaboration among investigators working in the areas of:

  • Diabetes
  • Immunology
  • Transplantation
  • Obesity
  • Regenerative/cell-based therapies
  • Arteriosclerosis/lipid research
The Diabetes Research Center is committed to supporting all members through:
  • Access to an advanced set of shared technical core facilities. (Non-members should contact individual core directors to inquire about service availability.)
  • Financial support through the Pilot Feasibility Program.
  • Program enrichment activities and scientific interactions which foster a collegial approach to diabetes research

Research Cores

Animal Physiology & Phenotyping
Columbia Mouse Metabolic Function & Phenotyping CoreAnthony W Ferrante Jr MD PhD
The Mouse Metabolic Phenotype and Function Core currently provides services that facilitate the efficient characterization of mouse models of diabetes and its complications.
Assay - Human & Laboratory Animal
Columbia Translational Biomarker Analytical CoreBlandine Laferrère MD
The Translational Biomarker Analytical Core provides a variety of high quality radioimmunoassay and other analyses that are critical to basic, translational and clinical investigators studying diabetes mellitus, insulin resistance, insulin and C-peptide secretion, glucagon dynamics, energy homeostasis, and complications of diabetes.
Flow Cytometry
Columbia Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting CoreRemi J Creusot PhD
The goal of the Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting Core facility is to support the need of DRC researchers in all aspects of analytic flow cytometry (cell surface markers, intracellular cytokines, transcription factors and phosphorylated signaling molecules), and with cell sorting services.
Histology, Morphology & Imaging
Columbia Advanced Tissue Pathology and Imaging CoreLori Zeltser PhD
The Advance Tissue Pathology and Imaging Core provides a spectrum of advanced cellular and tissue pathology and imaging services that meet the needs of diabetes researchers at Columbia University.