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Vanderbilt Islet and Pancreas Analysis Core


The Islet and Pancreas Analysis (IPA) Core assists VDRC’s large group of renowned and collaborative investigators who are studying a broad spectrum of islet-related processes, ranging from the function of islet-enriched factors and intracellular signaling to in vivo physiology and maintenance of hormone secretory profiles. VDRC investigators, with the assistance of the IPA Core, are performing sophisticated functional, genetic, and molecular-level comparisons to various physiological stresses in islets (aging, predisposing genetic abnormalities, etc.) that underlie or profoundly influence both type 1 and type 2 diabetes.


The IPA Core offers a range of services in partnership with the VDRC. Our services include:

  • Mouse Islet Isolation
  • Islet Perifusion
  • Static Islet Incubation
  • Islet Culture
  • Islet RNA Isolation
  • Whole Slide Scanning & Image Analysis
  • Assistance with experimental design

We also work closely with the Hormone Assay and Analytical Services Core (ASC) and the Mouse Metabolic Phenotyping Center (MMPC)to meet the needs of our customers.

Core People

Core Director
Marcela Brissova PhD Vanderbilt Islet and Pancreas Analysis Core Email