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Streamson C Chua Jr MD PhD

Dr. Streamson Chua's group is interested in genetic contribution to the chronic disease of obesity, diabetes, and diabetes complications. One interest is in developing an understanding of the various functions of leptin responsive neurons as they relate to ingestion, control of body composition, metabolism, and reproduction. A second interest is to dissect the genetic contribution to the susceptibility/resistance to complications of long term hyperglycemia, particularly effects on the endocrine pancreas and the kidney.

Before coming to Einstein in 2005, Dr. Streamson Chua was a member of the group of Dr. Jules Hirsch and Dr. Rudolph Leibel at the Rockefeller University, where he participated in efforts to understand the genetics of obesity. He then joined the faculty of Columbia-Presbyterian Medical School as an associate professor, continuing his work on the function of the hormone leptin that influences obesity and diabetes. Currently, he is pursuing research on genes that are linked to increased susceptibility to obesity and diabetic complications, particularly beta cell loss and nephropathy. Dr. Chua received his bachelor’s degree from Johns Hopkins University, and then earned a combined M.D.-Ph.D. at Columbia University. He completed a one-year internship at New York Hospital and then undertook a post-doctoral fellowship in pediatric endocrinology to clone the gene for the steroid-producing enzyme, 11 beta hydroxylase.