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Carmella Evans-Molina MD PhD

The goals of Dr. Evans-Molina’s research program are (1) to define the molecular and inflammatory etiologies of b cell dysfunction in Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes and (2) to identify novel stem cell based strategies to improve b cell survival in diabetes. The goal of the translational arm of this research program is to define and validate novel serum biomarkers that identify early b cell stress in clinically silent Type 1 diabetes. This work is facilitated through her involvement with the Type 1 Diabetes TrialNet (TN) Study and the Type 1 Diabetes Exchange Registry. Her laboratory team excels at quantifying a number of aspects of b cell health and function, including insulin production and secretion, b cell calcium flux, gene expression, gene promoter analyses, regulation of chromatin architecture, protein expression, protein post-translational modifications, and activation of intracellular stress pathways. Her laboratory also has expertise in adipocyte and macrophage biology, flow cytometry, and immunophenotyping of tissue macrophages. In addition to these in vitro approaches, the laboratory is proficient in whole-animal based physiologic investigation (IPGTT, ITT, high-fat feeding, pregnancy-based studies, body composition analysis, and metabolic cage testing). Dr. Evans-Molina also examines ways to improve outcomes from islet transplantation through approaches that will enhance beta cell survival and graft re-vascularization. She has 1 technician and 1 post-doctoral fellow.