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Joslin Genome Editing Core


The Genome Editing Core (GEC) provides investigators with resources to manipulate the genome of laboratory mice and cells with the aim of studying genetics underlying diabetes and its complications. The GEC maintains a facility for the generation of gene-edited mouse models to aid in studying the genetic mechanisms underlying diabetes in vivo. In addition, the Core provides services for genome-wide, unbiased, forward screening using lentiviral CRISPR libraries to target mouse or human cells to discover novel genes, pathways, and mechanisms that underlie diabetes and its complications.


CRISPR Screening Services

These services involve transduction of human or mouse cells of interest with Cas nuclease and guide RNAs (gRNAs) designed to target specific genes across the genome, followed by selection for cell death/survival, cell phenotype, or reporter function. Genetic material is recovered for sequencing to discover relevant guide RNAs and hence, genes of interest.

Mouse Genome Editing Services

The Core uses CRISPR/Cas to assist investigators in manipulating the genome of laboratory mice in order to generate the most relevant experimental models to understand the genetics and mechanisms underlying diabetes and its complications. The GEC blends Joslin's research expertise in mouse models for diabetes and the generation of genetically modified mice.

Core People

Core Director
Stephan Kissler PhD Joslin Genome Editing Core Email