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Chicago Physiology Core


The mission of the Physiology Core is to facilitate the use of model organisms in diabetes and metabolism-related research.

The Core provides:

  1. Access to a wide array of resources, technology, equipment and services for the generation and study of genetically modified mice and other model organisms;
  2. Consultation on experimental design and analysis;
  3. Technology development; and
  4. Opportunities for collaboration and training.


The Core offers:

  • Distribution of genetically modified mice (MIP-GFP, MIP-Luc, MIP-CreER and others)
  • Advice, training and service in metabolic phenotyping of mice (glucose and insulin tolerance testing, metabolic cage studies (TSE LabMaster Metabolism Research Platform), body composition by DEXA
  • Advice, training and service in generating diabetic mouse models using streptozotocin and partial pancreatectomy
  • Advice, training and service in islet transplantation into mice (intraportal and kidney capsule)
  • Advice, training and service using imaging and image analysis for large-scale analysis of beta-cell mass, islet size distribution, islet cellular composition and islet vasculature of mouse, pig and human pancreas

Core People

Core Director
Manami Hara PhD Chicago Physiology Core Email