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Mesenteric fat cryolipolysis attenuates insulin resistance in the Ossabaw swine model of the metabolic syndrome.

Mazor, R., et al. “Mesenteric Fat Cryolipolysis Attenuates Insulin Resistance In The Ossabaw Swine Model Of The Metabolic Syndrome.”. Surgery For Obesity And Related Diseases : Official Journal Of The American Society For Bariatric Surgery.
Center Indiana University
Author Rafi Mazor, Alex Babkin, Peter J Littrup, Mouhamad Alloush, Michael Sturek, James P Byrd, Edward Hernandez, Harold Bays, Eduardo Grunvald, Samer G Mattar
Keywords Cryolipolysis, Insulin resistance, Mesenteric fat, Ossabaw swine

BACKGROUND: The rising prevalence of insulin resistance (IR), metabolic syndrome, and type 2 diabetes are associated with increases in abdominal mesenteric fat. Adipocytes are sensitive to low temperatures, making cryolipolysis of mesenteric fat an attractive treatment modality to potentially reduce IR.

OBJECTIVES: We aimed to determine whether (1) cryolipolysis is safe in reducing the volume of the mesenteric fat and (2) reduction in mesenteric fat volume reduces indices of IR and glycemic dysfunction.

SETTING: Indiana University School of Medicine.

METHODS: A novel cooling device and method delivered cryolipolysis in a controlled manner to avoid tissue ablative temperatures. Ossabaw pigs (n = 8) were fed a high-fat diet for 9 months to develop visceral obesity, IR, and metabolic syndrome. Following laparotomy, mesenteric fat cryolipolysis (MFC) was performed in 5 pigs, while 3 served as sham surgery controls. The volume of the mesenteric fat was measured by computed tomography and compared with indices of glucose intolerance before and at 3 and 6 months postprocedure.

RESULTS: MFC safely reduced mesenteric fat volume by ∼30% at 3 months, which was maintained at 6 months. Body weight did not change in either the MFC or sham surgery control groups. Measure of glycemic control, insulin sensitivity, and blood pressure significantly improved after MFC compared with sham controls.

CONCLUSION: MFC reduces the volume of mesenteric fat and improves glycemic control in obese, IR Ossabaw pigs, without adverse effects.

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Surgery for obesity and related diseases : official journal of the American Society for Bariatric Surgery
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Surg Obes Relat Dis
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